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    Pure Life was launched in 1998 to help meet the global need for a safe drinking water with a pleasant taste at an affordable price. Now present in more than 20 countries, Pure Life is the world’s most popular bottled water brand.

    Nestlé Pure Life is committed to Healthy Family Hydration. The soft, gentle taste appeals to kids and adults alike, and comes alive when enhanced with sparkling bubbles and natural fruit flavors. Every drop comes from carefully selected and protected springs, bottled at the source to ensure quality.

    Embrace Pure Life to enjoy crisp, clean and refreshing water that goes through a multi-step purification process which includes reverse osmosis. It is then enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for a balanced flavor. Beverage Type: Water
    Packing Type: Bottle
    Capacity (Volume): 0.5 liter

    Nestle Pure Life Still Water 24x 500ml


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