Lipton Ice Tea Drinks

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    Lipton Ice Tea Wholesale Exporters, Suppliers, Distributors

    We are a reliable supplier of soft drinks and energy drinks. As an official supplier with the exclusive rights to distribute, our drinks are 100% guaranteed as original – wholesalers & trade suppliers of energy and soft drink and we sell at factory prices.

    Lipton Tea Yellow Label T’25 , T’50
    Lipton Black Tea Granulated
    Lipton black Tea leaves and many others

    We do mix loadings in containers on behalf of our clients and as per their orders, we consolidate the orders and ship worldwide professionally with the Export documentation and compliance support.

    Please note:

    1) We sell Original and fresh stock products
    2) We can supply in bulk
    3) Our products are cheap
    4) We ship worldwide and swiftly too

    Bulk Buy Lipton Ice Tea, Bulk Lipton Iced Tea




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