Grey Goose Vodka

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    Vodka Gray Goose Vodka 1L is possibly one of the best tasting vodkas in the world.

    Created from scratch, Gray Goose Vodka 1L captures the natural characteristics of the best ingredients , thus giving it an exceptional character in both taste and quality. And this is thanks to the commitment of Sidney Frank and François Thibault, who joined forces to create a vodka that lives up to France’s quality image.

    Wholesale Grey Goose Vodka

    Thus, Gray Goose Vodka 1L is 100% French-inspired product, based on the Gallic tradition of identifying, cultivating and preserving the flavors

    • Premium vodka made from two ingredients: single-origin Picardie winter wheat and natural spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue
    • Delicate and floral on the nose, sweet and round on the palate, bold and toffee finish
    • 100% traceable from crop to cork
    • Every bottle is washed once with Grey Goose Vodka Wholesale, so it’s the only liquid ever touching the bottle
    • Distilled in France

    Grey Goose Vodka Bulk Buy

    Size: 1000 ml bottles
    1 carton = 6 bottles. 1 pallet = 100 cartons

    20 pallets = 1 container

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