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    The VOLVIC natural mineral water spring is in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park, at the heart of an ecosystem of forests and moors, benefits from this special location that guarantees the purity of the water from the outset.

    VOLVIC natural mineral water begins its journey as rainwater and snowmelt that fall in the catchment area. Some of this water infiltrates into the ground. VOLVIC water then flows through six layers of volcanic rock over a period of around five years during its underground journey.

    The water is preserved by the volcanic layers, and is naturally protected from any pollution. It is this long journey via this vast natural filter that gives VOLVIC natural mineral water its oligo-mineral composition and its unique taste. Buy Volvic Water Wholesale

    VOLVIC water, which is drawn at a depth of 90 metres, stands out due to its purity, its low mineral content, and the consistency of its composition. The French Academy of Medicine recognised VOLVIC natural mineral water is beneficial to health in 1965.

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