Peroni Red Beer


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    A full-flavored, medium-bodied Red ale. It features a slight hoppy bitterness balanced with candy-like caramel malt sweetness. Brewed using a signature Munich Malt with a touch of brewer’s caramel, to create a striking, ruby red appearance and a bold, refreshing taste. A perfect complement for grilled meats.

    Alcohol content: 4.7% vol.
    Type of Beer: Lager
    Color: straw yellow
    Taste: Moderately bitter, balanced with hops and malt.
    Fermentation: Low
    Serving Temperature: 4-6 ° C
    Origin: Italy
    Type of glass: biconical column

    Peroni Nastro Azzurro (330ml)

    Peroni Gran Riserva Puro Malto (500ml)
    Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa (500ml)
    Peroni Gran Riserva Puro Doppio Malto (500ml)
    Peroni Red (330ml)

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