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    Krug is part of LVMH, but completely maintains it’s own unique identity. It is known for producing only prestige cuvee champagne. Their selection includes both vintage and non-vintage prestige cuvee labels although they are adamant about categorizing their non-vintage cuvee labels as ‘multi-vintage’. They prioritize the production of their ‘multi-vintage/non-vintage’ prestige cuvees ahead of the rest of their lineup.

    Krug only offers a dry style of champagne.

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    Winery: Champagne Krug
    Wine Category: 
    Sparkling Wine
    Region & Country:
     Champagne, France
    Type (Style):
    Vintage & Non-vintage 
    Sweetness Level: Brut
    Dosage: na
    Prestige cuvée: Yes
    Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier. Percentage varies by year.
    Alcohol: 12%

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