Corona Beer

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    Corona is a premium beer, classic and authentic, recognized worldwide for its high quality and refreshing taste. Serve with a lime wedge for an unparalleled flavor of relaxation. Corona Extra is the number one selling beer in Mexico and the leading export brand from Mexico.

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    This pale lager type beer was first brewed in 1925 by Cervecería Modelo, located in Mexico City. We offer Corona beer products in several different bottle sizes. Corona beer products are produced in Mexico and come with different languages.

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    Corona beer products are available in 210ml (21cl), 330ml (33cl) bottles and 355ml (35,5cl) bottles.
    We only sell our products in full truck or container loads. Our company hold accounts at well known bonded warehouse. Next to Corona beer products we offer many other branded and non branded beer products.

    Fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt
    Crisp, clean, and well balanced between hops and malt
    Enjoy while barbecuing, watching the game, in the backyard, at the beach
    The finest-quality blend of filtered water, malted barley, hops, corn, and yeast
    4.6% alcohol by volume, 149 calories per 12 oz serving

    Product features: Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml
    Product type: Bulk, Inorganic
    Primary package: Bottle, Can (Tinned)
    Shelf life: 12 months
    Country original: Mexico
    Please contact us to obtain actual price and product information.

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