Carlsberg Beer

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    Buy Carlsberg Beer Wholesale

    We offer a wide range of Carlsberg beer products packed in bottles and cans. We sell our beer products by full truck or container loads only. Carlsberg is an amber-colored, pilsner-style beer delivering a crisp, slightly malty flavor and a nutty sweet taste. It’s refreshing flavor profile complements spicy or flavorful Asian cuisine.

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    Key Words: classic, mellow taste
    Market Orientation: upper and middle products

    Target Consumer Groups: age ranges from 24 to 40, well-educated, mature

    Packages: 640ml *12 Bottles /330ml *4*6 Bottles

    500ml*24 Cans/330ml*24 Cans

    330ml*4*6 Packs
    1008 Cartons/ 20′ container

    ABV: 4.7%

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