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Mineral Water Suppliers, Distributors, Wholesalers & Retailers

As mineral water wholesale suppliers,, Quench your customers’ thirst with delicious purified drinking water packaged in clear plastic bottles and glasses. This bulk bottled water is perfect for restaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, stadiums, snack bars, catered events, and anywhere else where water is served. These bottles provide single servings of water and are portable for customers on-the-go. All bottles feature a screw-top cap that is resealable for multiple uses.

Bulk bottled water suppliers

Our bulk mineral water suppliers network extensively covers every sector of the Beverage market in the globe, including Importers, Manufacturers, wholesalers, major supermarket chains, fast food chains, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, hotels and airlines and  beverage distributors in  the European Union, china, Japan, Middle East, Asia and America.

Mineral water wholesale suppliers

We are one of the largest mineral, still, flavored and sparkling bottled water wholesalers, exporters and distributors,  Supplying an incredible  selection of hard to find bottled water brands like Evian, Fiji, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Evian, Nestle Pure Life, Voss and a whole lot more.

Drinking Water Distributor

As a market leader in beverage export, We are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty.
We choose our quality bottled waters for taste and purity, and we arrange for convenient delivery right to your warehouse .

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